Why does it take so long for a topic to become deleted?

I deleted a topic over an hour ago. It still shows up in the API and as a slug in the URL. I just want it permanently removed.

Did you log at it in the ux? It says that it’ll be deleted in a day unless flagged. It keeps someone from saying something hurtful and then having no record of it.

I believe that if you delete it as admin that restriction doesn’t apply.

I am the admin. I would like to know if I can purge the posts. I’m creating test posts testing the API. They are going to litter my forum if I can’t delete them. I was able to delete a bunch of posts yesterday with very little delay. Also I have not seen that message anywhere in the UI.

I’ve created a category that only I have access to, for this very purpose.

You could do the same, no one would see your tests posts and you could also move your existing test posts to that category too.


Good idea. Thanks. But I still feel it is very strange not to be able to get rid of posts when I need to.