Why is Guidelines called FAQ? Can we link to GUIDELINES and FAQ from hamburger menu?

Continuing the discussion from Hamburger menu: how to change FAQ to Guidelines, add Help link, remove About or make About customizable?

I am back to wanting to clean up the presentation of FAQ and GUIDELINES on my discourse. Initially I had merged the two into one topic that is displayed at /faq and /guidelines but then I learned later that the “read guidelines” badge only is shown once users have read to the bottom of this page.

I depend on this badge to see who has actually read the guidelines, and so I have separated these again. So now I have /faq going to a discourse topic containing the faq, and /guidelines as previously displaying just the guidelines. So far so good. :smile:

Now on the hamburger menu there is still a FAQ link but it actually goes to /guidelines and not to /faq. I see this is the case on meta as well. I suggest this be changed so FAQ goes to /faq another link is added that goes to /guidelines. This would not be too cumbersome - we’d then have the four ABOUT, FAQ, GUIDELINES and KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS links on the menu.


Ah. I can see now on my site, with URL to FAQ configured in admin settings, that the FAQ actually links to my FAQ topic. When the URL is not configured in admin settings as it is here on meta, the FAQ link goes to the guidelines.

This is not so bad, though it’d still be nice to offer a link to the guidelines from the menu.


I’m dealing with similar case. We want to prioritize “Guidelines”, know who has read them, and have a direct link in the menu. The FAQ is secondary. Still learning how to add new links to the menu if possible…

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At first glance this might sort you out?