Why only some replies show fullname while others not?

I enabled to show full name next to the username.
but only some answer/reply posts are showing both full name and username even when they do have both fields? The inconsistency is bugging me. Any ideas why?

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Hey @j3ang :slight_smile:

Could you add a few examples for context? It would be helpful to narrow down the inconsistencies.

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If the username and their full name are the same it doesn’t dispay both. Would that explain it?

I thought that there was a “be noisy if username and real name match” site setting, but I can’t find it.


Hi @isaac ,

My settings are as following:

On my site it would display as:

but if I enabled the prioritize username in ux
it would show like so:


What do you have for the prioritize username in ux setting?

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(EDIT: Or perhaps your last post you were further explaining my answer…)

Isaac’s username is not displayed because it is the same as his name:


It’s a feature. :wink:

You can override it with a theme component, it seems:


I see! Thanks.
Would you be able to help me with this topic as well? How to display full name in comments embeds


Ah never mind. I found the views template: /var/www/discourse/app/views/embed/comments.html.erb


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