Why some translations update more frequently than others?

Hi, why some translations are updated 4 days ago, while others are updated 21 days ago on Github? I have translated some strings but they are not updated on my community - despite installing the latest beta. How often are the new translations updated?


I recommend to you use https://www.transifex.com/discourse/discourse-org/languages/ and don’t check directly from GitHub to see translations.

The github repo will take translations from transifex, for example, check this commit.

What language do you use?

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I do use Transifex, I was just checking on Github if my Czech translations were updated or not.

Sadly sincronization between Github and Transifex are not auto, so a human did it. :sunny:
I think this is what @neil do.

I don’t know the frequent that he uses to do that.

I remembered that the translation is imported by a script from Transifex. So once a developer pull the translation, all updates shall be there. Did you updated anything over 21 days?

Yes, I did. Seems like the change is only propagated for some languages or do I miss something?

Give a string, filename by key for example? If it’s a bug, we should move this thread to #bug

Not this topic, this is a valid question.

If it’s a bug, new topic must be post to bug category, with that info about the translation missing :wink:

Which language are you looking for? If Discourse doesn’t currently support the language, it needs to be added before it will automatically be updated.


Actually this PR might be causing some translations to not be updated:



Oops, sorry! What’s the correct way to get things picked up by transifex?

The first step is the files need to be uploaded to Transifex, but that can’t be done from a PR. I’m adding the files and fixing the .tx/config now.

EDIT: fixed


Is there documentation somewhere explaining how these automatic updates work? Or can you explain it here, please?

I am updating translations in Transifex and I would like to know whether the updates will be eventually be committed to Discourse automatically or by someone, or whether I should take care of submitting pull requests for translations updates.

If something / someone takes care of updating translations files in Discourse, when or how often does that happen? In every new release or more frequently?

We manually pull translations from Transifex every other week and every time we make a new beta version.