Youtrack Integration

We are finding ourselves constantly creating issues in our bugtracker (youtrack) that reference back to posts on discourse. Has anyone written a plug-in that helps automate the task of “bugifying” discourse posts?

@shivermetimbers had at least started working on something similar for syncing up with tickets in zendesk.

May be some clues there as to how to go about what you’re looking to do.

I think a good start would be a clean spec of how you wish to see something like this work. You could possibly commission us to work on it, or we could help find someone to work on it.

Sure, I was hoping that something similar existed because I’m not exactly sure how I want this to work yet and thought there could possibly be an example of one way to push posts to a bug tracker.

Guess we’ll have to actually think about this:)

This works for us! It was designed for Zendesk. You should be able to fork it and change for your needs:


Can you post a tiny screenshot of how it looks in your discourse?

Sure thing. Here you go:

The button is located at the bottom of each topic and only visible to site staff (moderators + admins). When you click on the green button, that creates a new ticket in Zendesk and changes the color of the button to yellow. When the ticket is updated and you refresh the page, the button changes to one of the following statuses below. When you click on the button, it takes you directly to Zendesk to view the ticket.


Ey, this is really cool! I would love something similar for GitHub, where every issue will start as a discussion on the forum, but can “graduate” to a GitHub issue once the reproducible is found and all that really remains is to make it a TODO on the tracker and apply it to the right milestone.

This general kind of “post transfer” action would be a neat thing to earn a badge for as well. “Badge earned: Post metamorphosis”. Couldn’t help myself: