Migrating support tickets to a Discourse post

Hi everybody,

Support tickets (from Discourse itself, or Zendesk, Freshdesk, etc) are a great form to build knowledge and awareness about a product.

So, when users are okay with it, migrating a private support ticket to a Discourse discussion can be a great way to spread that knowledge to other users coming across the same issue.

Anyone had any experiences with this, and did you use any specific post format or automations with it?


A bulk migration depends entirely on the export format that is made available by the support ticket platform in question. For ZenDesk, I believe the easiest known option is to do it via their API.

For case-by-base migrations you’d probably want a plugin. We have a working example with this for ZenDesk already:


Hey @gabrieltonon - did you ever find a good way to migrate Zendesk tickets to Discourse?

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