Zendesk Article Comment in Discourse Integration

Basically, what I would like to do is link a discussion in Discourse to every article we have in our KB in Zendesk. Then make it so that these show in Zendesk as comments to the document. Like the WP integration but for document commenting. Not very different functionally but may be harder than I am thinking?

I would think that we would need some kind of script on each article page that would recognize the link to the discussion and show the comments and point people to Discourse link to add comments.

I could turn commenting on in Zendesk but then we would have to answer people in another place instead of making a group effort out of it.


I believe Coinbase used to do this, @john_mardlin could you confirm?

In short, you’ll want to Embed Comments With JavaScript, but I don’t know to what extent Zendesk’s article system supports that. We’ve heard from customers that it was hard to maintain.

Have you experienced a lot of responses in this or similar areas in the past? In our experience, comment areas like these are very rarely used, so keeping up with the two separate comment platforms might not be such a chore after all. That said, having it all in Discourse would of course be preferable!