A flyout to prompt new users to register?

Has anyone added a flyout on their site to drive new users to register? I’d want to make sure that we only show it if the user is not logged in. I assume there’s some JS value we can try to query on for that purrpose?

@cpradio, I like how this was done on sitepoint.com

ping @santouras, can you provide any insight?

this was done on our site using some JS that gets served from a 3rd party ad partner. It’s basic scroll height detection then some animation. I’m not too much for JS myself so I can’t provide too many specifics other than that sorry!

What about this? :stuck_out_tongue:


Very cool @riking. Very excited about that!

I am also thinking about first time users who land on a topic page from a search engine or Facebook. We had over 4000 new users to the site yesterday, but only 11 registrations.

I think a simple flyout for these users would be helpful to welcome them. Perhaps I take them to a particular topic instead of directly to registration. Speaking of which, I’m not sure how I would link to. Some JS function I imagine.

I was just thinking I would add the code as part of the HTML header.

If someone could provide me a JS check to know if a user was logged in or not, that would be very helpful :smile:. And if there were a way to activate the Register overlay via JS.

Here’s what the final version of this looks like that will ship in Discourse 1.4

The only requirements are minimum read time (5 mins) and minimum topics entered (3). You can turn these requirements way down in site settings if you want it to show more often to more anonymous users.

Thanks again to @riking for putting this together as 100% his idea, it is a fantastic addition.


Awesome! Can I preview the Spanish? or have someone from my team provide it?

If I turn it down to 0 and 0, will it show on the topic that a user lands on? :smile:

Small comment, but the word track : :hushed: sounds a bit invasive, as opposed to remember or store. But perhaps that’s too subjective.

Does this show up on any page of the site or only on topics? I think it makes more sense for topics only, as might be out of context on category top level pages.

Still wondering if there’s a way to emulate a Sign Up link via some javascript function / anchor tag. I would like to include them in my welcome topics and perhaps some other places.

Good idea, I’ll change “track” to remember right now!

You can play with this feature on http://try.discourse.org – enter anonymous mode in your browser and begin reading topics there. Eventually you’ll see this banner at the bottom of every topic, if you read enough (see my description of the site settings above).

Translations are always welcome, see Discourse localization

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Where are the setting for this wonderful feature? All I see in our settings is ‘enable signup cta’.

I can’t recall if we did settings here, @riking do you remember? It was your excellent work which started all this!

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Hmm, no, I don’t think the thresholds were configurable. I know they got edited a few times, but there might not have been a move to site settings.