Link to first unread post?

Nope, not added yet.

I too would love a “go to first unread” keyboard shortcut. It is a nice power user feature that allows you to regain control if you are dumped into a topic you have already started tracking far into the topic.

Concrete example:

Ability to Jump to First Unread post in Topic Navigator / Progress Bar has not progressed over the years, same goes for: Remembered Topic location should be "First Unread" post instead of "Last Read" post

I think as it stands today, @codinghorror is happy to add a keyboard shortcut here for first unread. But we have not gotten to it yet, nor scheduled it.

I guess it is such an edge case to have these giant topics like @Wingtip tends to have AND have someone actively lobby for it.

The other problem with this power-user feature is that it is very hard to explain per: Will disable_jump_reply make a return? - #10 by codinghorror