Add new coffee icon (same role as the love icon)


I am looking for a plugin to do what I want. I want to add a new icon next to the love icon.


The role of this new icon is to make a contribution ($) to the experts in my forum. I have members that pay a monthly membership and I have experts that help members. Each month, I want that a certain percentage of the membership ($) transfer to the experts. Some experts will be more helpful to members. So if an expert have 55 coffee, he will receive more money that an expert who were present one time and received only 3 coffee.


1 - A new coffee icon button (next to the love button)
2 - Only visible to posts of expert (they are in the expert group)
3 - In the admin mode, in the expert group, next to their name, I see the number of coffee per expert
4 - Each month, counter of coffee start again to zero




4 weeks

Thanks for your time!

You’ll need to build a plugin to add that button and store that click counts.

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Ok is it possible for someone to do it for me if we move this topic in the #marketplace ?

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Sure, done, now it’s in that category. You’ll need to specify budget and timeline.

This seems pretty close to Retort - a reaction-style plugin for Discourse

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Yes sort of. But only this plugin would not work because it is for one post. I would have to verify all posts from all experts for calculate the total of coffee each month…

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Oops. Yes. Yours is considerably more complicated. I’m guessing you’ll need to budget on the order of $1000-2000 to be attractive.

That much? I didn’t think it was that complicated! Ok I’ll think of a better solution, thanks

I could be wrong. You could try $500, but if you get no responses, don’t be surprised.

But don’t take my word! You should update your OP with a budget, even if it’s $100 or $500.


Where would you expect the data for this be located and visible? If it’s resetting automatically each month, you’ll need a record stored somewhere. Otherwise, you won’t know where to send dollars. :wink:

Feel free to email me ( if you want to explore a compromise with budget. I can’t say I’ve ever completed a custom plugin for $100.


Edit: Posts moved from Retort plugin topic.

Is it possible to add the possibility to only one icon (coffee icon) ?

Yes, we support just having one icon. :slight_smile:

The UI experience won’t be very nice with just one icon though…

It also won’t solve your greater challenge (the click counter) @Francois_Douville – you’re definitely looking custom plugin territory here.

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I’d say it handles the click counter just fine (per post)

and a lo-fi solution might be able to use this in conjunction with a Data Explorer query to get the total number of coffee reactions per user per month (which should be exportable via csv if it wants to be public / auditable). There’s an example of a query like this earlier in this topic.

So I’d say that it’s certainly possible to do this without any dev effort / $$.
For a small amount of :money_with_wings:, I’d be happy to write a thing which made you auto-react if there’s only one reaction to choose from, so the UX is a bit less janky.

If it needs to be better than that, then yes, you’re looking at some custom work around putting calculations into the interface. But yeah I’d be a bit surprised if it needs to be.


I hadn’t realised a hacky solution was on the cards, but if it is then that’s excellent news for the OP.
I’ll leave you to discuss further.

Because there are no threads on Meta. You mean topic.


Very interesting! I will talk with my associate about the features we really need. I’ll be back with details soon.

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