Not receiving emails while watching a topic

Good evening everyone,

Iโ€™m having an issue with the following case:

If a user is watching a topic (see image below) - he will receive notifications through his notification inbox, but he will not be receiving any emails.


I tested the SMTP settings of my website and for example, the testing email works as expected.

The user notification preferences:


Is there any setting I am overlooking at this moment? :wink:

Thank you for the help!

Just to check - are the emails present in /admin/email/sent or /admin/email/skipped, or are they not being generated at all?


Thanks @JammyDodger โ€“ it looks the emails were not sent due to the maximum emails per day per user.

I turned the limit off and itโ€™s working =)


Thank you for helping me out.

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