Advertise activity in a private category (discourse-category-lockdown)

Anyone have any ideas here?

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Yes, I realize this has been broken for some time now and is due a refactor. I’ll take a look at the end of this week most probably.


Ok – great. Thanks!

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Here’s my PR for the fix. I’ve asked for a review from @RGJ before merging it in.


Awesome – can you post on here when it has been merged in?

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It’s merged now!!:tada::confetti_ball:

Thanks to @RGJ for quick review.


Fix works great. thanks @fzngagan

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Guys, I’ve just merged in two PRs from @RGJ

  1. The toggle on category settings was broken which is fixed now.
  2. A new feature to allow crawler to see the locked content based on the setting category lockdown allow crawlers

Thanks for the great work Richard. :tada:


Is there a way to show pop-ups instead of redirecting to an options page?

Well, I found the answer here with the login popup.

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Quick feature request: How about adding a css class to the div for each individual topic?

<div data-topic-id="xxxx" id="emberxxxx" class="topic-status ..."></div>

Use case: I am using TLP plugin and I would like to blur the topic thumbnail and add an overlay icon. With such css class I would be able to easily target the thumbnail.

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I’m not sure it’s necessary, since the plugin is set for a category you can target it using the category-‘nameofyourcategory’ class in the tr tag. It comes before the thumbnail

If the name of your private category is “premium” you can use something like this

tr.topic-list-item.category-premium .topic-thumbnail {
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Isn’t that applied to users with access to the category as well? Obviously they are supposed to see thei thumbnails clearly :slight_smile:

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Can you post a feature request here @ Feature Request

Hey @fzngagan


FYI the wizard plugin dropdown picker does not list this plugin. I chose Custom Wizard instead.

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We’ll get it added soon.

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Anyone tested this recently with the latest version of Discourse? This plugin is crucial to my site but also has broken my site during upgrades :man_facepalming:

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I have it active on a test instance alongside the following plugins and components without issues. 2.7.0.beta9 ( 4da86210f8 )


Sorry if it’s a silly question, but I’m trying to make a Discourse with the following requirements:

  1. Unregistered users can see all topic but restricted to only 3 posts per topic.
  2. Registered (and paid) users have access to everything.

After 3 posts per topic, a ‘Register to view more’ box will be shown.
Is it possible with this plugin? Or any built-in feature. Sorry, I’m new to Discourse. Thank you, all for the wonderful work. Thanks in advance!

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No. This is a very specific requirement which would need some bespoke work to be done.

@fzngagan Would this plugin also work with the Discourse-docs: Documentation Management Plugin and Discourse Docs Card Filter Component? My idea is to have closed categories’ cards as well as their posts showing in /docs as well. so that users will be redirected to the URL.

Apparently the TC pulls the categories this way (source):

  categoryInfo(category) {