Allow plugins (like docs) to add top-level links in sidebar (rather than hide them in More...)

Some plugins like Discourse Docs add a link in the sidebar and hamburger menu. In the new sidebar/hamburger, the link is under “More…” but is arguably important enough to be top-level if a site has chosen to install it.

Perhaps plugins should have the ability (if they don’t already) to add links in the main Community section or other More, and Docs should do the former.

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Originally sent in sidebar feedback

Hi! With the new user menu, what's the intended way to get to the site administration or other special pages? The hamburger menu gets replaced with the sidebar contents, and all the special links that are in the old hamburger menu are gone

That's what the hamburger menu looks like before enabling the new style

And that's the new one

What I am missing specifically is Administration, Doku ("Docs"), Karte ("Map"), Upcoming events,...

They all are menu items added by some (official) plugins


Here at meta the docs link is in the community section. You need to click more to see it.


Ah, indeed

That's bad, I'd want users to be that the first thing they see in the menu


I think it's reasonable to consider having docs show up at the top level if you've got the plugin installed

we work around it a bit here on meta by putting #documentation as a category in the sidebar by default


I would use this to replace the function of a few header links, and it would make them more accessible on mobile for my mobile users than header links are today. I have to limit header links on mobile because of precious horizontal space, but vertical space in the sidebar matches those needs more.


Yes, specifically about Docs, there is a big contrast between how prominent the item is on Desktop (where it can be added to the nav bar next to Latest, Top…) and how hard to find is on mobile.

Sites using a Knowledge Base probably want it to be… known by their users. When enabled, it would be useful to have it visible on the Sidebar. Or give the option to admins like for the desktop link.

PS: I came here because of a user request.

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