Allow TL2 users to post in #Lounge

I was thinking that we should allow TL2 users to post in #Lounge because one of my friends is a TL2 users in Infinite Flight forum(which is a discourse forum base on Infinite Flight flight simulator) play more than just Infinite Flight, he also play a realistic combat game call Gunship Sequel: WW2 which is why I want to allow TL2 users to post in #lounge. I also want to add the following categories:

  • real world non-aviation, sub category is spotting
  • Multiplayer, sub categories: event, formation, group flight which the 4 categories are design to do only realistic flight simulators and realistic combat games
  • screenshots and videos(non IF)- also allow users to best photos/videos of realistic flight simulators and realistic combat games.

All categories that I mentioned above is also for TL2 users to reduce the number of topics in #Lounge so that #Lounge could be use for discussing animes, movies etc. However, this is optional but only staff and moderators have the capability of doing that. :wink: I am sorry if it’s a bad idea.

You should talk with the staff at Infinite Flight, not with us. They can edit the categories permissions for Lounge and the other custom categories and subcategories. We do not intervene directly in the management of the forum. This task is reserved for the Infinite Flight admins/mods.