Allowing users to create Teams / Clans / Guilds

In many gaming communities, guilds / clans / teams, are often found. There have been other forums that have created plugins to make clubs for users. The user with a high trust level creates their own clan. They can send invites to other users who can accept or deny. Users can send requests to join the clan which the clan leader can accept or deny.

I know Discourse has user groups already which a person can request to join or be invited to. Is there a way we can give permission to certain people with high trust level to create their own user groups?

Note that this these user-made teams would have to be distinguished somehow from user groups made by the admin. Usually teams have a list of users with a team captain. The captain may re-arrange the positions of the members or assign a new team captain.

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Could you provide some examples of platforms which do this so that we can take a look?

IPS: Using Clubs - Managing Your Community - Invision Community (native installed)

XF: Unmaintained - [Nobita] Social Groups (Teams/Guilds/Clubs) | XenForo community (extension)

These are two.