Am I the only non-sysop here?

Okay, about people asking why did I ask. I have to ask back: well how did you ever figure out this is the right place?

The software never reveals its own name!

So if you didn’t have any extra special powers, you would never find out the bulletin board that you were just a mere user of was in fact Discourse.

And you would never have ended up here at

So okay. You folks might not be sysops, but you’re certainly not just regular end users either. Or at least you have a master’s degree in computer science and can do some comparisons and finally figure out what package you were using (as end user), eventually ending up here. Like me.

Why not? When I joined a Discourse forum, I received a welcome message, which included a link to the blog of “Discourse”.

… You’ll gain new abilities

From there, it’s not difficult to stumble across this forum. For example, the comments of the blog post take you here. So I did nothing more than read the welcome message and the information provided in it. I don’t think you need to be more than a regular end user for that.

By the way, this tutorial also told me some basics about how to format my posts and even included a link to a markdown tutorial. I didn’t know markdown, HTML, and BBCode before.


OK that’s very nice.
But on run of the mill sites, like

there’s no way you will ever figure out you are using Discourse.

You receive this message from discobot on a lot of discourse forums.

Bitwarden Welcome message

Thanks for joining Bitwarden Community Forums, and welcome!

If you’d like to learn more, select below and bookmark this personal message. If you do, there may be a :gift: in your future!

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Ah ha! Just as in Am I the only non-sysop here? - #33 by Moin, it turns out

is the single remaining connection that users use to finally figure out they are using Discourse!

I.e., no matter how hard the Discourse authors try to not reveal to the ultimate end user what software package they are actually using, it seems users are still able via this link to figure it out!

(But of course that is if they paid attention to the welcome message, or looked for it in their mailbox years later when they were curious about what they were using.)

Actually it smacks me in the face.

It looks like a very familiar UI and they’ve not done very much to hide it (ie very default)

Once you’ve used a few Discourse sites, other ones are pretty obvious: there are usually a few trademark elements.


It’s not just a single connection; it’s one way to figure it out. For example, the trust level promotion messages also contain links to Discourse blog posts like Discourse New User Tips and Tricks. (And now there is also an option to show “powered by Discourse” at the bottom of every page).
But I think it is also totally legit to remove all those traces to Discourse as an admin when you customize your site. There is no need for the user to know which software you use. They can report problems they have with the software to staff, and they can decide to report it here or change something just for their forum. Usually, it’s even better when users report their problems there because as a user, you are not aware of the customizations of the forum you use. Maybe the problem is related to the theme or a plugin and not Discourse itself. Maybe the problem is special for that community, so a setting, which already exists, has to be adjusted, like for example, character limits.


There’s now this which will help improve the visibility of Discourse


It seems I just discovered it