Automatic Night Mode Component

Following up the discussion here:

I made a theme component that will automatically switch to night theme based on user preferences. It’s currently work on a per-browser basis.




Add this component to each theme installed.

Known Issues

  • I’ve received a report of the component making all navigation cause full reloads. Upon navigating between different pages every click caused a full refresh instead of an in-app navigation. I have not been able to reproduce this, so please post reproduction steps if you run into this.

Feedback is welcome and thanks to Discourse team for sponsoring this work :slight_smile:


Nice theme component. But I can’t choose a time range for activation. It seems the field is for US time zones only?

Is it possible to add macOS Light/Dark mode detection?

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I’m sure it’s local (device) time.

There is another theme for that:


I can’t enter my local time manually. Nothing happens.

Thanks for this hint! I’ve had this in my bookmarks before :see_no_evil:

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work right now. I need to some troubleshooting first…


Can this theme component be combined with this one?

That way users could override the automatic dark mode, when desired

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Yes, you can but it might lead to unexpected behavior.

It seems, this component is broken. Whenever I enable it in my profile settings and reload the page, the checkmark in the box disappears and it’s disabled

I believe @pmusaraj is working on something even more automatic than this.


Core has a similar feature now based on the device’s dark mode UI, please see Automatic Dark Mode color scheme switching.