Bringing up topic bumping again... We want to edit all the old photobucket images and change them to uploads

We want to manually edit a lot of old topics (that still have good information and search traffic) but have the dreaded photobucket images now (mainly topics that were migrated from an old forum software) by uploading images in place of the dead photo links.

We do not want these thousands of topics to be bumped up to the top when we edit them however.

Was there any resolution on how to not make an edit bump a topic?

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If you are doing it manually, use the “Reset Bump Date” from the Admin wrench:

This is only necessary on the first or last posts in a topic.


Want to make sure this part is emphasized. It is not quite correct though. Edits to the LAST post will bump a topic.

If the first post is also the last post, is the only exception to that.