Bug in french translation for Two-factor authentification


In the profile in English there is:
And in french:


I downloaded the TMX file to check it and the English sentence is:

<seg>Enable &lt;a href&gt;two factor authentication&lt;/a&gt; for enhanced account security</seg>

And the French one:

<seg>Activer &lt;a href&gt;l'authentification à deux étapes&lt;/a&gt; pour une sécurité accrue des comptes.</seg>

So I’m not sure why these <a href> and </a> shows up only in French…
Another problem is about deux étapes (litterally two step): it should be deux facteurs. In the TMX file, half of the sentenses used one version, and half the other. I think all should use deux facteurs.

I’m sorry I’m just discovering transifex so I’m not sure how to start fixing that, but if anyone can tell me how to, I’ll be happy to do it.

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