Can i run Discourse on my Main Domain?


This is my first post. I am trying to self install discourse, can i use my main domain for this installation instead of a subdomain?

Yes. Most people have another site that they run on, but if you don’t, you can put Discourse there.

Thanks @pfaffman. DOne with settings… I think i broke something at the email section as i mistakenly tapped the enter button twice, skipping both SMTP user name and SMTP port [587]:

Can i delete what i have done so far and restart the process? Thanks

Yes. But it’ll ask you if everything is right before it gets started.

cd /var/discourse
rm containers/app.yml

Opps… Got this >>>> rm: cannot remove ‘containers/app.yml’: No such file or directory

You have to do cd /var/discourse first

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Thanks @Steven got same response no such found, is it possible i destroy this droplet and start all over again?

It’s more likely that you didn’t hit return enough times for it to create the file. Just run ./discourse-setup again.

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