Can’t load pages about ads with adblocker active

I am seeing this issue with meta website. I updated my community just a moment ago and experienced a similar problem on my community too.

For some of the topics, if I open them in a new tab I see the following error:

I am seeing issue with these pages:

NOTE: I am able to open these links in incognito mode just fine.

Have you tried deleting your cookies or in a different browser?


You are trying to browse pages about ads with your adblock extension enabled. That will never work. Disable the adblocker and try again.


I whitelist the adblocker but still seeing the same problem. However, when I look at the network tab I do see requests getting blocked which proves your point but I am still confused :smiley:

Okay. Completely disabling and then enabling the adblock while keeping meta whitelisted fixes the issue.