Can’t type fa icons on iPad for badges

Not sure if bug or not, thus UX

When creating badges on iPad, it’s not possible to type in the field to specify an fa icon.
Eg, the keyboard doesn’t appear, so no way to enter text.
The dropdown menu appears, but is cut off, so it’s not possible to select the one you need from there as well.

See the screenshot. The list is as far as it will show.


Yes… standard iPad browser …
Is it a safari thing?

Now that I think about it, no. All iOS browsers nearly identical to each other under the hood…

My apologies! :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s a tiny bit finicky on iPad, but it works, you need to tap the “Search…” label for the keyboard to be invoked. It might take a few taps.

Here is a screenshot of this working on my iPad:


Aaaahh so that’s the secret :wink:

I was hitting the input field, not the text…