Cancelling "Edit Category" screen changes "Following" status

(Anton) #1

Edit a category and then cancel immediately.
If you followed category before editing, it will now show you aren’t following anymore.

(Faisal) #2

notification_level is unset when the category object is serialized and transferred to the browser. Setting it in categories_controller.rb fixes the issue. Like so.

def show
    if Category.topic_create_allowed(guardian).where(id:
      @category.permission = CategoryGroup.permission_types[:full]

-> @category.notification_level = CategoryUser.where(category:**

    render_serialized(@category, CategorySerializer)`


(Sam Saffron) #3

Perhaps submit a PR to fix?

(Faisal) #4

Sure. just got a bit nervous being a first timer.

(Anton) #5

I’m reporting issues with pleasure, but unfortunately not able to fix them as I do not run dev instance of Discourse locally.

(Faisal) #6

Fixed with:

thanks @tgxworld.

(Alan Tan) #7

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