"canned acl" error when uploading images

When I try to upload an image to a post in my forum, it fails to upload the image and I get an error message

Unsupported value for canned acl ‘public-read’


This looks like an S3 error, but I have “enable s3 uploads” disabled in the file settings. I don’t want to upload images to S3. I have DISCOURSE_USE_S3 set to true in app.yml, but this is for daily S3 backups.

Does anyone see anything wrong with my configuration? Thanks!


But it’s not. DISCOURSE_USE_S3 is for uploads.

I set it to false and rebuilt the container, but it didn’t seem to fix the error or upload failure. I re-enabled it, but I’ll try it again.

DISCOURSE_USE_S3 is now false, and the container is rebuild, but it’s still showing the original error message.

I noticed this message appears in my admin dashboard.

The server is configured to upload files to S3, but there is no S3 CDN configured. This can lead to expensive S3 costs and slower site performance. See “Using Object Storage for Uploads” to learn more.

But I don’t want to upload files to S3. How do I disable it? Both DISCOURSE_USE_S3 and “enable s3 uploads” are disabled.

Did you comment out the line in app.yml?

No, I set it to false. I’ll try commenting it out.

I’ve commented out DISCOURSE_USE_S3 and all DISCOURSE_S3_* settings, and I can now upload images. However, I believe this will break the daily backups to S3. I suppose I can try commenting out just DISCOURSE_USE_S3, waiting 24 hours, and checking whether both uploads without S3 and backups with S3 still work.

Looks like I must omit all DISCOURSE_S3_* settings to make uploads work. Is there a way to allow both S3 backups and non-S3 uploads to work in Discourse?

Here are my relevant app.yml variables for reference. Currently everything is commented out.

  # DISCOURSE_USE_S3: false
  # DISCOURSE_S3_REGION: "us-west-000"
  # DISCOURSE_S3_ENDPOINT: https://s3.us-west-000.backblazeb2.com
  # DISCOURSE_S3_ACCESS_KEY_ID: <censored>
  # DISCOURSE_S3_BUCKET: community-backup
  # DISCOURSE_S3_BACKUP_BUCKET: community-backup