Cannot loading post error after update 2.6.0.beta2

I had a problem after the upgrade.

The page took a long time to come and the top of me was gone.

You’ll need to check your third-party plugins. When I load the page with non-official plugins disabled, it works.


Hi @Bank_Live

Using the “turn off the plugins” method as described by @jomaxro, I also checked your site for you and the posts displayed properly with plugins disabled. 2

Normally, we need to disable plugins, one-at-a-time, until we find the offending plugin.

So, your next step is to either disable all the plugins from your admin panel and see if that fixes the problem and then turn them back on, one-at-a-time, until it breaks. This will isolate which plugin is causing the error.

Or you can go the other direction, and turn them off, one-step-at-a-time, until the problem resolves, isolating the problem in the other direction.

Then, when you isolate the offending plugin, you can contact the plugin owner and let them know.

Hope this helps.

Also @Bank_Live, you might check your theme components; as this JS error may be related to a theme component.


I would always recommend upgrading a copy of your site before upgrading the live copy for this very reason.

You have 17 plugins installed, including a number of third-party plugins. It’s quite likely upgrades will trip you up periodically if you aren’t doing any validation beforehand.

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Yes i remove discourse-new after my page normal.

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