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:discourse2: Summary Categories Tracking Toggle places a toggle button on each category on the categories page, which allows users to quickly toggle between “mute” and “normal” tracking states. It is particularly useful for sites that use the mute all categories by default site setting.
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Install this theme component

Note that it does not work on the “box” style category pages, which do not yet support a section for muted categories.

The component comes with settings to change the tracking levels used, the icons, subcategory behavior, and text shown on hover.



Is it also gonna work on latest stable or on test-passed only?

We had some requests from long time members how to mute certain categories which are for example made for beginners. They weren’t aware of the bell feature.


I haven’t tested it on stable, but I’m not aware of anything that would prevent it from working there.


Thanks for the component, @awesomerobot
If I select 5 under mute level and change the mute icon to a relevant one will that work to toggle between normal and watched?

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Yes, that should work! let me know if you run into any issues.

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Layout is a bit off and the bell is at wrong place:

  • iPad and DiscourseHub
  • Air theme

Yes, this is somewhat expected. This component basically adds the functionality, but may need additional CSS to fit into the layout properly with other themes and components.

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Good to know. Basically it is not ready-to-use component.

You know better how things are under Discourse - do I have to tune up every theme or is just common adjustment enough?

It’s highly dependent on the theme, so I can’t really say for sure!

The component works with the default unthemed category page styles by default, so I guess themes that have changed positioning on the categories page could need some adjustment.

This sounds good, though I can’t see it in the preview.

Are there plans to allow all five watching/tracking levels to be chosen via the categories page? That would implement the idea proposed by @alehandrof here:

@Jonathan5: To see the theme in preview you have to navigate to (whatever xx is for you – I think it changes).

@awesomerobot: On my site, the bell overlaps the “unread” indicator:

Is there any chance to support other states, apart from just toggling on/off?

Also, when I press on mute right now, the category disappears with no indication of how to get it back from the same page. That doesn’t like ideal UX.

Edit #1: Regarding my last point: the categories only disappear if the user had no muted categories when the page first loaded. If the user did, there’s a “Muted categories” section at the bottom of the page, listing all muted categories. But if the user did not, that section is not available and any newly muted categories just disappear.

Edit #2: It looks like trying to switch between normal/watching (as opposed to the default mute/normal) doesn’t work. The component still mutes categories.