Category Permissions Help

Is there a way I could setup so in a category there are these perms?

staff: create / see[all] / reply
everyone: create / see[their own threads only]

Thank you!

What’s the use case? That wouldn’t be much of a discussion.

Staff Applications. In which only a select few can reply(to tell them if they are accepted or not).

Can you just have applicants send a PM to the Staff group?

Is there a way to make it so they can send a PM to all staff members at once? (or all people with a specific perm)

Yeah, you can send PMs to any group as a whole. For staff, just enter in ‘staff’ in the user field.

You may need to enable it first (I forget what the staff group’s default is) by going to admin/groups, selecting the group, and changing the “who can message and @mention this group” setting.

As you can probably guess from the name of the setting, this also allows you to mention the group in regular posts, just like you would for any user (e.g. @Swedz, so you could use @staff).


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