How to send PM to staff group members?

I can’t find how simple user can send PM to staff members (alternative for private topics)

Is it to an individual staff member or the whole staff Group?

in case 1, the staff member needs to have PMs enabled

in case 2, You can probably create a group email account if you use inbound emails on your forum.

Thanks for your answer.
I need second case. But it’s not clear for me how can I create a group email account: do you mean create some user with email shared between all staff members?

You can go to the groups tab from the hamburger menu
then edit the staff group (it is an automatic group)
click the manage button on top of group
then set Who can message this group? to everyone.

Then anyone who wants to send a message to staff can simply open the composer anywhere then from top left select new message and mention staff in the user field.


Thank you, that did the trick.

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