Category-Specific Moderators, phase 1 RFC

Sorry for bumping this topic, but I was wondering if this is the right place to follow this feature or if there is another place where this is being advanced/tracked.

Is this still being considered? If so, is it still blocked/not a priority?


I believe we’re waiting on final mock ups and clarification of workflow as per:


This is being worked on now, but as predicted, it was “months” of high impact, high risk work by @eviltrout and others :wink:

Anyways, the good news is that we’re pretty close at this point :tada:


Stellar news. Thanks, this will be very useful

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I’ve been playing with this in our new installation of Discourse (we’ll be launching live hopefully soon) and it seems to be working well, and should give me precisely what I need. I think this is an ideal solution, and very elegant (As well as providing expandable opportunities for mod-specific access categories)


I’ve started looking into this for my discourse, and am struggling a bit to understand what features are provided now for category-specific moderators. Am I right that at the moment it’s simply a category moderators listing on the about page and access to Category Group Review/Moderation? In my testing I have not found any other handy functionality, like whisper access.

Would it be possible for someone in the know to create a #howto topic on category-specific moderation and keep it up to date with the latest functionality provided? I’d be grateful. :seedling:

FYI this link in the OP seems to be broken.

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I know @jomaxro is writing up some review queue documentation soon. Perhaps he can tackle this feature as part of that work.


Thanks! That would be awesome.

Sure, adding it to my list.


Is this function possible now? I’ve read about a plugin that gives an ability to have a category moderators, but to do this I need to create a group of users and then make this group moderating the category.

Is there more simple way like one moderator per category without creating a group?

Closing this as out of date, but useful for historical context: Category Group Review/Moderation

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