Ok to delete default categories?

Just wondering, if we delete any of the default categories, such as Lounge, Site Feedback, etc., will it break anything? Is there anything in the discourse core that is hard-coded to attach to these pre-defined categories? Thanks in advance for any replies!

Deleting them is totally safe, mucking with Lounge permissions is definitely not.


On that note: Why are lounge/staff category permissions a separate thing? Can’t they be recreated with the “regular” permissions settings?

Ok, so Lounge is a built-in category? Should we not delete it?

As stated above, will repeat if it helps.

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Oops. Sorry. Got it…I guess what I meant to ask is, if we delete the Lounge, what category do the lounge permissions associate with after it is deleted?

It won’t associate its permissions to anything. It is smart enough to recognize the pre-defined category doesn’t exist. You can create your own louge style category by giving permission to TL 3 only for Create/View/Reply