Change "default other external links in new tab" historically to all users

Hello dears.

I would like your advice.

I run a forum for telecom, with about 6k users. (

As there are a lot of topics with external links, i would like to force every user to open it in new tab - instead of leaving my website.

So, i thought i could change it in SETTINGS.

I am aware that this change only applies to new users that register, from that time on (when i change default setting to Yes).

As I said, sometime ago (i do not remember when) i changed deafult user preference to YES. (default_other_external_links_in_new_tab - YES, ticked)

Today, to test, I changed it back to NO (not ticked).

For my surprise, i received a Warning:

“Would you like to apply this change historically? This will change preferences for 2230 existing users.”

Only apply change going forward.

So, i decided to set all users to NO (not ticked).

And thougth that when i checked it again, and apply, it would change it historically to all users (all my 6k users would have preference set to default_other_external_links_in_new_tab - YES, ticked).

Unfortunately, the second time, i didn’t received the warning.

And now ALL my 6k users are we default behavior (not expected by me) default_other_external_links_in_new_tab = NO, not ticked).

So, my question is:

  1. Is this behavior fine? (Ask to apply historically when unchecking for part of user; and not asking to apply when all users were changed)

  2. Is there a way for me (as admin) historically change default_other_external_links_in_new_tab = YES, ticked for all users?

I found this:

But i don’t have the rights to do it.
And i tried to contact my website admin.

The only other way i see is to impersonate each of the 6k users and change it one by one - impossible! :frowning:

Hi @leopedrini I have the same problem, did you succeed?

Yes, i asked the webdevelopers that maintain my website, and they made the change in database.

I’m only a user/admin, not a programmer :slight_smile:

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