Changes coming to settings for giving access to features (from trust levels to groups)

I’ve merged some more of these:

And there are a couple more on the way:


Very cool. A clarification, when upgrading from 3.2.0 does the migration from trust to groups happen automatically across all settings and where necessary or does one need to manually update any settings related to trust?

As explained in the first post, you do not need to worry about changing anything to keep the same behavior as previously. But you can now change up how you give access to features beyond just trust levels.

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I think the checklist could receive an update.

Is now tag topic allowed groups


I’m really excited about this since I’m relying more and more on groups as a tool for communities I manage. Letting category moderators see whispers could be a game changer.[1]

I’m curious if there’s any plan to add these settings to the list of group permissions (/g/[group_name]/permissions)? It looks like that page shows the group’s category permissions, which is helpful. Maybe that’s not exactly the right place, but it would be handy to have a list of what each group can do (including all the TL groups).

Is there a plan to modify tl2 post edit time limit to be more general? Maybe add extra edit time allowed groups and rename the setting to extra edit time? For context, I’m considering making the edit window bigger for subscribers[2] as a perk and that currently means granting them all TL2. It’d be a lot cleaner to give the subscriber group just the TL2 edit window and not bring in all the other TL2 stuff.

  1. I just noticed this change and I haven’t added them just yet. I do need to make sure there aren’t any whispers that should be silenced completely first. ↩︎

  2. It’s a long story. I’m still thinking through the implications! ↩︎


Could a group-config option be added for “Schedule Publishing”?


That’s an interesting idea. For the moment scheduled publishing is accessed via the topic admin wrench so it’s not possible to separately give access to it and not the rest of the moderator functions.

We don’t have plans to change this for the moment but will consider the feature request, though! It’s a good idea and I can imagine many communities wanting to be able to give more granular access.


Thanks! An alternate idea is to eschew Scheduled Posts and use the Discourse Automation (see Discourse Automation - #109 by mattdm). But that automation script doesn’t exist (yet?) — and while more flexible, seems more hacky than the normal schedule-post workflow.

(As a slightly confused aside: I know that trust level does affect some of the things on that menu — it shows for TL4 users but they don’t have all the options that mods have, and there’s a category moderator / full moderator distinction too. So there’s something granular somewhere…)


Have you tried using shared drafts? That can be allowed by group.

That’s a good point! I haven’t looked into the permissions here very carefully yet so thanks for pointing that out.

@martin did we miss one here? Should we change the way access is given to the topic admin wrench for TL4 users so it’s given by group?

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