Changing a topic to Uncategorized doesn't stick

Editing a post to change its category to Uncategorized appears to work but the change isn’t saved.

e.g. this topic with no category:

Appears in this list as categorised:


When do you think this will be fixed? Our forum is depending on this feature heavily. We could change our workflow to get around this but we prefer topics to be just “uncategorized” once they are dealt with.

It’s getting to be that whenever I see a topic here about Uncategorized I have an urge to cringe.

Not that the concept doesn’t have merit, only that it has caused confusion for many.

I think one of the problems is that many either want to remove it or repurpose it when it is best left as is. Would it not be better to simply create a “dealt with” category and move topics into that? There’s a good chance doing that won’t have the aforementioned bug.

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We will try to have a look at this today and get you deployed

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Fixed in