Chrome "blocking ads"?!

Chrome (okay, the “secure” fork of Chrome my company uses) keeps telling me it blocked ads on our Discourse instance:

But we don’t have any ads at all.

We’ve got a few plugins and components installed in our public community, but I get the same warning on our internal instance as well, and AFAIK it’s pretty vanilla.

Is anyone else seeing this? Any ideas how to ‘fix’ this?

If there are no ads, could you simply ignore that, since it is a false positive?

I can ignore it all day long. It’s my users I’m concerned about :smiley:

Just opened your public site, and I can’t easily reproduce the issue. Is there a specific page that is affected?

Go to a topic. It doesn’t seem to happen on the list pages

I just read through this topic, and I can’t reproduce the issue. Does the issue occur on a normal Chromium build?

There’s what I get for assuming. Thanks!

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