"Circles" in Discourse

I’d love to see something like this be implemented into Discourse.

Groups are nice, but they’re not entirely similar, nor are they exactly what I have in mind.

Maybe it would be possible through a #plugin? If so, should I request for it in #marketplace? I would rather see it implemented in the core version of Discourse, mostly since I don’t have a budget in mind. :sweat_smile:

From what I believe, that’s an implementation of groups that’s controlled by users rather than admins. I’m not entirely sure how taxing it would be on the system resources though.

Yes, with a custom home page for each one.

Assuming I have a high-end server, that wouldn’t be an issue. Right?

You can try #marketplace if you have a budget. From what I’ve seen, everything is doable in discourse if you have the right budget for it.

Okay, I’ll try it tomorrow.

Really? That’s perfect for what I’m planning then! :grin: