Console Frozen in Digital Ocean web UI trying to update Discourse

Hi all,

I’m trying to update my Discourse site, but i’m seeing this message in Admin.

You are running an old version of the Discourse image.

Upgrades via the web UI are disabled until you run the latest image.
To do so log in to your server using SSH and run:

However, when I access the console on my DO server, it just freezes.
It never used to do this. Any idea how to fix this please?

What your mean ‘freezes’, the SSH? Why not just reboot the server.

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You are referring to the web UI for the console through Digital Ocean.

Don’t use that. Use a real native SSH tool on your computer instead, or a terminal window on your laptop, desktop, or tablet OS.

Apologies, I am not a developer. Normally I just follow the instructions given by Discourse to enter in the console, but the console now doesn’t let me.

I suggest working through this with @pfaffman as you paid him to set up the site, perhaps he can recommend tools for you as well and write a self-service walkthrough.

I think that it’s not frozen, but the password doesn’t echo (so people can’t read over your shoulder).

I’ll have a look at things when I get to the office, but if you’d reply to one of the install emails you got it would save me a few minutes.

Hey, @christian_01. I can’t tell from your username what site is yours, so if you want my help, I will need for you to email me.

Well, when you create a droplet with an SSH key, by default password logins are disabled. I offer to install an ssh key and provide instructions for enabling password logins (and do that if asked). I can’t find instructions for creating an SSH key for PuTTy that typical install customers can follow, though I have talked a few Mac users through sending me a key. This happens at most a couple times a year (1 in 50 installs?).

So, to type 3 lines into a shell three times a year, the Digital Ocean console really isn’t a bad tool for the typical install customer. They don’t have to install putty, or remember what it was that they installed the last time they did this strange thing. Even if they have a Mac, most people find the terminal a strange thing indeed.

Mainly because it skips setting up SSH keys locally?

Sounds like the DO web console isn’t working for this customer of yours, though, and it’s led to multiple topics being created here, which isn’t good.

Thanks, but I haven’t worked with @pfaffman

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Yeah, I’m a ‘typical’ user on a Mac and I have no idea about SSH keys etc… I used to just hit the 1-click update option, but it’s not working at the moment as I need to add those lines of code into the console but I can’t. Frustrating.

That’s not the default on Digital Ocean though, so unless you created this droplet, that wouldn’t necessarily be the case.

You should be able to use the root username and password provided by Digital Ocean when you set up the droplet @christian_01. Or you could ask a geeky / technical friend to help you if you’re really stuck.


Thanks Jeff. What do I do with the root username and password? Do I need to log out and back in somewhere?

Hitting the ‘Power Cycle’ button in the DO control panel sorted the frozen console.

Thank you for helping!


Hooray! I don’t know when I would have thought of that! My current best guess is that you ran out of ram. Make sure that you’ve got swap enabled and perhaps considering increasing your RAM.

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