Dates on Moderated Posts

For most of the systems I’m familiar with that deal with moderated posts (including mailing list systems, typical Wordpress configurations, etc.) the date stamp that is displayed for an approved moderated post is the time/date of the actual post creation, not the time/date that a moderator got around to approving. It seems on Discourse the latter is used. E.g., I had a post just now made several hours ago, and when I approved it a few minutes ago, it shows up as posted at that recent time, not when the original poster created the post. Is this a bug, or by design? Thanks.

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I also think it’s odd that the act of approval changes the date of the post. For those of us in the southern hemisphere, there are often several hours between the night-time post and the morning approval time. Although not essential, it would be nice to know when the original post date when deciding which posts to reply to first.