Directory of wordpress blogs that use discourse

Title says its all.

Is there a list or thread maintained with best practice discussions?

I’m not aware of a list of sites that are integrated with WP specifically. We could start one.

Do you have questions?


I was looking for some inspirational examples, how bloggers are already implementing this as a commenting system etc. Main concerns around, how can I preserve the experience without a page jump, SSO, how can I get every comment to be indexed as a URL endpoint etc.,

Is a gist, learn.

We could add a tag for “wordpress-integration” in the upcoming Discourse Index being built by @joffreyjaffeux

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On a related note, I searched on Nerdydata

couldn’t find many. Am I doing this wrong?

If there happens to be a directory, I’d like to list our integration between
and Discourse:

both are working flawlessly in the following manner:
SSO Provider - Discourse
SSO Client: WordPress
Plugin Used: WP Discourse