Disable auto-scroll for certain topics?

Hi Discourse Community,

is there an option for single topics, not to auto-scroll to the first unread answer? I have some topics, where the initial post gets updated regularly, and even if not updated, it contains the relevant information.
Scrolling to some rather unimportant but new comment is a bit distracting there…

Wiki topics will open on the OP if the user has read everything. Other than that, no, that is no possible.


I guess you would have to post a message saying OP has been updated if you want the people following the topic to go see what has changed there. You can post the changes (this way they only have to read what they don’t already know).

Thanks, I switched those topics to wiki. Still it looks like it always scrolls down, but I didn’t test very much yet.

I even deleted all answers for these topics and locked them, but it still keeps scrolling down, at least for the admin account.

Also, one of my topics uses the calendar plugin, which has a lot of answers with calendar entries. Its really more about the UE to get the important information on the first click, not about to miss updates.

Maybe try a solution like this:

Assign a tag to the topics you want, or put them in a single category, and you should be good to go.

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