Discobot image lesson: linked image provides error when opened in same window (works in new tab)

I did a fresh discourse installation and running through the discobot image lesson. After I failed to upload an image (dragging it from hdd only input the file link), discobot kindly provided me with a link to a dog gif: https://example.tld/plugins/discourse-narrative-bot/images/dog-walk.gif I shall use. If I click on that link, it opens in the same window and presents me with an discourse error message that this site is either private or does not exist. If I open the link in a new browser tab, the gif is loaded correctly.

Not sure if this intended, I’m doing something wrong, or it is a bug…
Running discourse 3.1.0.beta5


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Hi Simon!

I can repro the issue.

Steps to repro:

  1. Initiate the standard tutorial with Discobot

  2. Until it asks you to upload a picture.

  3. Reply without uploading a picture

  4. Discobot provides a picture from Discobot’s plugin: https://meta.discourse.org/plugins/discourse-narrative-bot/images/dog-walk.gif

  5. Opening the image in a new tab works, but clicking the image leads to a not found page.

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