Discourse AI Topic Summary 🤖

I’m trying to change the language in which the summary is written. I have a Spanish website but the summaries are in English.

Then change the prompts accordingly … encourage the bot to write in Spanish.

Should I do some sort of rake task to update already summarized topics or is it done automatically?

A rake task would be great, please PR.

Otherwise you can simply wait for the natural refresh of the summaries as further Posts are added … you can reduce the threshold for the refresh in settings.

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If you reduce this to zero, it will produce a new summary on every new post:


Just FYI.

Both davinches with completion gave error 500. But GPT gives good enough summarisation, so that is enough for me.

I didn’t check logs. I know: bad bad boy (I’m not a boy, I’m old timer) but I’m hungry and have to start cook Dal Bhat :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Sorry for the confusion @Jagster, it’s a while since I’ve looked at this plugin.

Thanks for the report.

I’ll take a look.

Hmmm … I wonder if it has anything to do with Open AI’s recent model updates and deprecations?

I had same thoughts, based on theirs forum.

For some reason…

I’ve used this now a while. And:

  • it works without any issues
  • it is good in its main purpose: giving fast image of a topic to user to decide is it worth of reading. Summary is visible and the very first thing that an user sees and I really like that
  • it does not trying to take away need to read topic (I like that, because AI just can’t build answer from my topics. If a forum is Q/A, then situation may be different, though

The look could be more appealing. But how… I really don’t know because I’m lacking such ability totally. I like it as it is, but few ladies says it looks strange (but those ladies call colors in names I don’t know at all).

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Glad you are enjoying it :+1:

PR welcome and/or detailed suggestions, even shared CSS.

It definitely benefited from being on the Layouts sidebar … :frowning:

In my case where about 90 % of visits comes from mobiles Layouts was just unnecessary.

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Actually Layouts on mobile provided a button to view the summary as a slide in.

Damn. I didn’t know that. Well, now it is too late, unless something happends.

Just pushed a couple of updates recently.

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It repliea in English instead of Spanish, where can i alter the prompt?

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Try editing these:

I have an all English forum. And for some reason, the summaries are all being generated in Spanish. I apologize if this was answered, but can’t seem to find the solution.

That’s very odd. I cannot reproduce. Change the prompt and ask it to create the summaries in English explicitly and see what happens?