Discourse AI Topic Summary 🤖

Sorry, last question on this: so if I want to deliver a better, more nuanced prompt to the LLM, I’m using “system.tagging” and not “prompt.tag”, correct?

You are best to change prompt.tag imho, but feel free to experiment.

Results with these prompts were so good from the get-go (with GPT 4) I’ve not really focussed or experimented much.

system.tagging might help you modify the “style” or “character” of the response (e.g. humorous or theatrical)

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I’ve been meaning to add this for a while, but the results from the Completions-based auto-tagging system were just too good to make it a priority.

But this morning I added auto-tagging based on Embeddings classification as an option:

There are various new settings, have a good look :eye:


Heads up, about 5 hours ago my site became inoperable due to a 500 error again. I had made no changes, using GPT 4. Could be that @RGJ pushed an update (but unlikely, since I didn’t see a note). Turned off the plugin, and the error resolved.

I’m not seeing any issues at present.

Could you please share the corresponding logged error and confirm the version of the plugin you have installed?

Only AI-related 500 error what I get, started yesterday, is (or was, I have not examined further yet) automatic alt. Why I didn’t start digging it deeper? Because error 500 comes really often from OpenAI.

It seems like the plugin on your site regressed to an older version somehow.:sob:

@ncaming215 My apologies, this is most likely our fault. I’ve put it back on 0.2.2 now and going to find out what went wrong. For now @merefield no need to worry.