Discourse League - Paid Memberships 💸

(Joe Buhlig) #1

This plugin allows you to take one-time or recurring payments in exchange for access to a group. Effectively, that allows you to put categories behind a paywall and opens up a lot of possibilities that allow the monetization of your forum.

Support and number of membership levels are restricted to those who have an active license key. There are three levels:

  • Gold $997/yr - grants you unlimited levels
  • Silver $297/yr - grants you up to three levels
  • Bronze $97/yr - grants you a single level

Being an open source project, I also want to help promote Discourse and encourage contributors so I’m making a free lifetime license key available to anyone who contributes a successful PR to Discourse core or any of the Discourse League plugins. Learn more about that here.

Monetization facilities/infrastructure
Discourse Premium BT
Pay option plugin
License Key Manager
(Daler) #4

Hi, can you describe the pros and cons of using this plugin compared to using a service like Patreon (with an official Discourse plugin). Particularly:

  • Features (seems both allow for Membership<->Group syncing, so what’s the difference?)
  • Transaction Fees
  • Chargebacks

Anything else we should consider choosing between these two options?

(Sam Rose) #5

Here are a few differences I see

Discourse league is GPL discourse-league/LICENSE.txt at master · discourse-league/discourse-league · GitHub this means you have access to source code.

Patreon is proprietary.

Transaction fees:

Patreon: fees are set by patreon

Discourseleague: Premium features fees Discourse League plus payment gateway fees

(Joe Buhlig) #6

I’ve been using this plugin for the last 3-4 months on https://productivityguild.com. Currently the only gateway supported is Braintree. Their fees are here but the gist of it is the typical $0.30 transaction fee and 2.9%.

So if you go with the Bronze level, that would mean $97/year for the license and then the Braintree fees on top of that.

It’s been a while since I’ve looked at Patreon’s fees but I vaguely remember them being 5%. So your volume and pricing would dictate which is cheaper.

(Irwin Binamungu) #7

Amazing Plugin, just a simple question…can this plugin be used to restrict people from posting to a certain category but enable everyone else to see the contents inside. I want to have a restricted category where my users can advertise their projects but i want the ability to advertise in the category to be limited to the PRO members.

(Joe Buhlig) #8

Sure. All you would do is set up the category security settings to allow the PRO group to create new topics and set up everyone else to view and reply or just to view.

(DaveK) #9

Will purchase this for sure, as it’s just what I need. I do have a question though, does the plugin allow me to restrict access (to the gateway) to people with trust level lower than what I specify? The reason I ask is I don’t want newcomers to be able to pay and unlock everything on my website, as some of the information within it is sensitive. I would love that (for example) only people with trust level 2 are able to purchase premium memberships.

(Joe Buhlig) #10

Currently, there’s not. But what you could do is set up your category permissions such that they have to be a part of a group AND have a trust level of 2 or higher in order to access the topics.

That way they can pay you ahead of time but would still need to acquire status in order to participate.

But I will log this as a potential feature for sure.

(DaveK) #11

Will pay to have this feature done. If anyone is willing to implement an extra option that restricts the memberships to a user with a trust level lower than X, I will pay for it.

(Shaun Defense) #12

I would also love this feature, I wouldn’t want level 0 users being able to purchase premium options on my site…