Discourse Sitemap Plugin

Those without a Google account can notify them of changes with:

curl http://www.google.com/ping?sitemap=/path/to/sitemap.xml

Here’s a rake task to notify a few different services simultaneously: made-mistakes/Rakefile.rb at master · mmistakes/made-mistakes · GitHub

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Is sitemap a necessary evil? If i don’t use this plugin, will my community not get the exposure it seeks?

I don’t think so.



My understanding is that if you have migrated a large site, it might help. If you are starting a new community, then it’s not necessary.


Everyday gives an Errorlog, is it time to take a look at it now? Control card is incorrect

Is this the sitemap plugin that is official now by this commit?

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Yeah we need to discuss this with @RGJ, we have an official fork now that is quite a few commits ahead of the OP, it is probably best if we take over the repo to avoid confusion


I’ll install this once your repo is out.
Many Thanks!

Yes, that is ok with me. I seem unable to transfer the repo since you have a fork with the same name though, and I would prefer to have the old repository location redirect to the new/official one. Do you have any ideas how to approach this?


Feel free to transfer it to SamSaffron and then I can do all the shuffling needed.


Hi, what could be the reason I get error 502 bad gateway on my sitemap?

no 502 error! works perfect for me?!


If possible, I would like to hear people’s experience of using this plugin. Is it stable? any errors/warnings? Was the issue from 2016 solved?

Really looking for feedback on this plugin.
Thank you :slight_smile:


We use this plugin on our business tier, it works fine, not aware of any open issues.


This plugin is giving me invalid URL’s in the sitemap.xml. E.g the site uses “https://www.domain.com” pattern for the URL, however, the sitemap contains “https://domain.com” pattern which is wrong. I couldn’t find settings for the domain, can anyone suggest?

Look in app.yml. That is where the hostname is set.

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I have changed “domain.com” to “www.domain.com” in the app.yml of hostname attribute and finally rebuild it again, but in the sitemap, it’s still the same i.e. “https://domain.com…”. I also re-enabled the Sitemap but no effect.

Hi, sorry for my bad english. I set up links https://example.com/sitemap.xml in Google and Yandex search engines. But they cannot index them because of the underscore in the file names. Can this be fixed?

Why would underscores be a problem? They’re not.
Even the sitemap index example at the protocol specification website uses underscores.

Note: A Sitemap index file can only specify Sitemaps that are found on the same site as the Sitemap index file. For example, http://www.yoursite.com/sitemap_index.xml can include Sitemaps on http://www.yoursite.com but not on http://www.example.com or http://yourhost.yoursite.com. As with Sitemaps, your Sitemap index file must be UTF-8 encoded.


Sitemap line in robots.txt renders incorrectly. You can check it on https://meta.discourse.org/robots.txt. Watch the last line.

<%- if SiteSetting.sitemap_enabled? %>
<%- unless SiteSetting.login_required? %>
Sitemap: <%= request.protocol %><%= request.host_with_port %>/sitemap.xml
<% end %>
<% end %>