Discourse Sitemap

Summary: Add sitemap.xml to your Discourse instance

:link: GitHub: https://github.com/discourse/discourse-sitemap
:arrow_right: Install: Follow the plugin installation guide.


There has been some discussion over the need of a sitemap, and I think Discourse doesn’t really need one, although I do believe that a forum might be indexed a bit faster with one.

Anyway, we created this plugin because of a customer that needed a sitemap for Google News, and this trick didn’t work because they were using Amazon S3 to store their uploads (which broke the same domain requirement)


Just enable it using the site setting in the Plugins menu, and you will get

  • /sitemap.xml
  • /news.xml
  • A Sitemap line in robots.txt

Do you need a sitemap?

No. You do not necessarily “need” a sitemap.xml file.

TL;DR You can get faster indexing with a sitemap, but it doesn’t necessarily make for better SEO.

If you have a very large site, this may benefit you by allowing for faster page indexing.


  • Add new bullets when major features are committed here



Is the google webmaster tools page and the situation has worsened considerably.
Soon I will post all the graphs.

406 error on news sitemap. No news.xml sitemap in robot.txt. my forum has only the sitemap.xml not the news.xml. why?



<status type="integer">406</status>
<error>Not Acceptable</error>

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This is because this plugin is designed to help search engines index your site faster. Your request will require a custom plugin I’m afraid.

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I didn’t get you exactly. Does that mean discourse sitemap doesn’t come with a news.xml and I have to install another plugin for it??

My apologies – I was wrong there! You should get a news.xml file. I’m not quite sure why you’re getting a 406 error. Have you rebuilt your site recently?

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Yes, I have rebuilt my site recently. I have been using a fork of this plugin until recently. Just a couple of weeks ago I have ported to the official discourse version of this sitemap when a red dot began to appear instead of a green tick mark on the upgrade page.