Discourse SMTP not receiving mails?

Hello folks 2 days of trying and configuring mail on my forum always failed :pensive:

so i come here, my problem is my test mail is sent but not receiving how to fix?

waited 8 hours did not received mail :frowning:

help me guys…

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Thread Update DeepinScreenshot_select-area_20200826211148
My SMTP configuration app.yml

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Please document which things in Troubleshooting email on a new Discourse install you have done.

The most common problem is that you have configured mailgun for tecridible.com and your forum is sending as noreply@discourse.tecridible.com. You can edit the commented-out line at the end of your app.yml and change it, or re-configure mailgun.

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Another suspect could be the disabled start tls. 587 needs start tls if I’m not mistaken.

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hello @pfaffman thanks for your replay i did not use mailgun i am using mailhostbox

Edit: own mail server provided by domain

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@itsbhanusharma thanks for your replay i changed to true now iam facing this error :frowning:

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@pfaffman You can edit the commented-out line at the end of your app.yml and change it

already changed brother DeepinScreenshot_select-area_20200826222509

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Try checking if your mail server can actually be reached from your Discourse server. Easiest way to do that would be to run ./discourse-doctor

NB: what happens if you remove the smtp authentication string from the configuration and rebuild?


hey @itsbhanusharma i run ./discourse-doctor

and successfully got the test mail :heart_eyes:

thank you now i got the test mail in gmail also :heart_eyes:

sorry i can’t attach the screenshot because New users can’t embed any way thanks


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