Discourse V1.0 Next Month

In January I wrote about The Road to Discourse 1.0, and I mentioned that we planned to reach version 1 in “the next few months”. That time has come. I’m pleased to announce that we will leave beta and officially release Discourse V1.0 next month, sometime in July 2014.

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Holy crap, a 10 year plan? Is that discourse for 10 years to are you trying to improve discussion in general (chat, voice chat)?

I have not had the time to contribute, as I’d once hoped to do, but I’ve still been following this project with tremendous interest. It’s been fun watching it grow and change, and the prospect that it’s ready for release is exciting! Congratulations to everyone involved!

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Wow. Discourse 1.0 is coming! I am glad that I’ve already translated all user interface message for Chinese.

If I had a chance, I would work for CDCK


@fantasticfears any chance you can look at https://meta.discourse.org/t/chinese-search-issues/13287/38?u=sam I want to confirm my changes work and some seem to have issues.

Sorry about not respoding you, I am tracking this issue but I need to configure my new laptop. So give me two days please!

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is there any solution that converter from Fluxbb to Discourse

i can’t wait for this change i like this forum ware so much! it’s the real talking

There’s your date. So it could be July 15, could be July 31.


v1.0 ? I’m so excited !

I am checking every day for new version. Great job so far.



IPB is releasing new version very soon. They advertise it as biggest release and huge milestone for the company. They are not that competitive to Discourse, but interesting coincidence.

Just as a heads up, we will be a bit late on this. Not terribly late, but it will bleed into the next month.

Sorry – it’s just taking a while to truly stabilize and finalize everything to our satisfaction for V1.0.


great work takes time !

How long will it take? It’s pretty much near the middle of August now.

As long as it takes, not a second longer.


2-4 weeks is always a good guess.

These things always take longer than anticipated. Been there, done that. But looking forward to it.

Why do you care how long it takes? The only thing V1.0 means is that the software gets a blessing and they increment the version counter. Discourse is still Discourse, Discourse is still going to change, and that’s a good thing.


For those anxiously awaiting the official release, I suggest you spend your time kicking the tires in every way possible.

Correct me if I’m mistaken, but the way you get Discourse set up and installed right now - with roughly 30 minutes of fairly straight forward Docker config - is exactly how it will work in 1.0 as well. So either by yourself or with the help of your more tech-savvy accomplice you can dive into the howto’s and:

  • Install Discourse on a VPS like DigitalOcean (there’s usually enough free credit floating around that you can get the first month for free)
  • Get to know the backend panel
  • Make sure e-mail is working properly
  • Make sure invites are working properly
  • Test the converter script if needed
  • Test theming
  • Configure logins
  • Try install some plugins
  • Figure out domain set-up
  • Figure out CDN
  • Test backups
  • Test multisite
  • Set up Discourse for development
  • Make your own simple plugin

There are so many golden nuggets in Discourse, I’d wager you probably won’t be aware of them all by the time Stable is ready.


How much documentation can we expect with the V1.0 release? I’d like to use it for a project but the lack of a well documented API for plugins really is a deal breaker. Plugins are really really really important.

That’s really the only thing holding me back for now. Other than that is looks like an amazing piece of software!