Discourse With WordPress Theme

Testing out with the default wordpress theme twenty fifteen and it doesn’t display anything. Switch to old default theme and it displays “Add your comments”

Anyone else having this problem? What files need modification to allow it to work with twenty fifteen theme?

Tried two more themes and one works and the other didn’t. What is the WordPress plugin looking for specifically? Any hints as to which file may need tweaking to support more themes?

Unable to reproduce. Do you have this setting enabled in the admin?

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The setting for Discourse is already enabled since commenting works with the older WordPress default theme. It’s only a problem when I switch to the newest default theme. Will test with another install.

After struggling with the issue all day, I think I finally found the issue.

WordPress Theme:
Twenty Eleven: no problem
Twenty Twelve: no problem
Twenty Thirteen: no problem
Twenty Fourteen: problem
Twenty Fifteen: problem

In order for comments to work for discourse using the last 2 themes, you must edit the post and check the box ‘allow comments’.

For the first 3 themes, it didn’t matter if the ‘allow comments’ was checked or unchecked.

So now the question is, what is the plugin looking for?


FWIW I can’t reproduce on a fresh WordPress install with Twenty Fourteen or Twenty Fifteen, seems like a settings issue with your install