Disqus Comments Suddenly Not Showing

Hey @Simon_Cossar!

I hope you’re well and I’m sorry to bug you with this, but my Disqus comments have suddenly stopped showing up under the Discourse posts on my Wordpress pages. The whole Disqus interface has vanished, as you can see on this page:

As you know, Disqus has been playing fine with WP-Discourse so long as I have the Show Existing WP Comments checked. And it looks like it’s still checked:

Could something have changed with the latest version?

Please let me know. Thanks!


It is possible that the update changed something. Have you added any custom code for displaying comments? If so, share it with me and I’ll take a look.

I’m seeing an error in the console when I load your site that’s coming from the WP Table Builder plugin. Possibly that’s related to the issue.


Thank you for your quick response.

I don’t use any custom code to display comments, but let me try disabling the WP Table Builder plugin to see if that fixes things. It’s something that was installed recently.

You nailed it. That plugin had been installed for over a week, and the comments just disappeared, but once I disabled it, and then cleared my cache (also a new plugin, WP-Rocket), my Disqus comments returned.

Thank you for helping me with even basic-level tech support. You’re a rock star, my friend.

And next time, I will disable all recently added plugins before bugging you.


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