E-Mail Signature not correct stripped out


The official tag for the signature of an E-Mail ist "-- " so 2 dash and a blank . See also here: RFC 3676 - The Text/Plain Format and DelSp Parameters.

But discourse is only checking for “–” so only 2 dashes and this cut often also a text which is not part of the signature.

Can you Check?




I know @zogstrip worked on this but the requiring of a space does not seem correct to me. Regardless, the presence of a space should not stop it from working…

No it is the other way around, the space is needed to be the right tag for a begin of an signature!

You may be interested in the discussion on the commit @zogstrip merged (and then reverted):

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It’s definitely supposed to be with the space to be a signature delimiter. However, William Shakespeare would be proud of the degree of “more honoured in the breach” on that one…


@zogstrip I believe both of the following cases should work

-- <newline>

No Sorry this is not correct!

– IS not the tag for a signature, if you accept it as a tag it can happen that a text is stripped out which is not a signature!

But if you @codinghorror think both should work please make it with a parameter in the settings!


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I seriously doubt users understand this rule you’re describing.

Do you have examples that aren’t working so that I can check?

Sure I send you a e-mail with 2 attached mails. One where it is ok and one where it is wrong! Thanks for taking care!

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